swiped to the right, asks me out for a drink but s’gotta to work really early next day, oblige.

meet up, have drinks, run into german volleyball friends, hang.

starts getting touchy feely, thinking “oh, okay”

ppl leave, asks if i like chocolate, asks if i like massages

try not to roll my eyes, say “i don’t mind massages but i like giving them”, smile

says we should pick up some chocolate n go to her place so i can massage her

suddenly realize don’t have any protection, figure its 2014, everyone single has some, not worried

post massagin’ , moment of truth, no rubber in sight


abruptly says “i cant, im fresh from a relay-lay, this is too schnell”, say “lol u invited me over”

says we should cuddle instead, s’getting weird, leave.

no cuddling with strangers.