halloween night, dressed up as a gurl wit a big booty, fully loaded party favours, hosting friends for the predrink, finish one bottle of jameson, take some e, head off to party.

arrive at party, start rollin, chat up gurl, dressed as buffy, cute n nice, fashion designer dream, roll off.

head outside, take a bit of blow, head back inside, instantly eye fucked by buffy, go up for round two, being charming.

about to leave, go 4 the number, get it, leaves, stay til 9am.

sunday coffee date planned.

sat night, party day 3, get bad gut feeling “shes totally gonna bail on me last min tmrw”, party on.

wake up on time, hungover, go to brunch, 1 hour before, txt vibration of doom, cancels.

dont remember what she looks like, never speak to her again,

fashion designer dream dies again.