waiting for bus and cute girl approaches, says  bus aint coming to this stop, asks where i’m going, say “that way”. going in same direction.  says she lives on street x. live around the corner.
take subway. kind of talk. kind of exchanging glances.  kinda awkward.

both get off subway and decide to walk home the rest of the way.  debate saying something but too shy. changes lines to go one stop and switch to the bus.

walking home alone.

walk by the bus stop shes going to. comes out of the subway entrance. decide to pretend that i was also waiting for the bus.  have  another awkward convo.

bus comes. get on bus not really talking tho still exchanging glances.

hungry.  gonna grab a really delicious italian sandwich ’round the corner from my place. want to say that we’re practically neighbors n invite her to come along for a quick bite.

its a plan. its like destiny.

i hear her say something, “allright, see ya. have fun.” gets off the bus, one stop before mine.  plan’s failed.

doors close. gone forever.

stare out the window longingly.

bus turs right. bus never turns right. means only thing.  she got off on my stop but was too busy daylusting  n didnt realize t’was my stop.

stuck on the bus. gone forever. get off at the next stop and eat the sandwich alone.