friend of #62. met on a beach trip, flirt a bit, shes german (german dream is re-awakened), only speak in german cuz thats my thing with germans. about to be dropped off, think about asking for the #, hesitate and figure its better to chillback.

dont see each other til november, do the fb add, ask out, go for coffee at the secret coffee.  great 1st date, no kiss cuz of the rule of 3. looks confused and disappointed.

second date is almost a disaster, many moments of silence, starting to feel like there aint no connection.  fall asleep at bar, get cheeked when going for the kiss.

third date, is ok, my german is reaching its limits, no longer able to properly explain myself. wind up repeating things ive said on previous dates. know its over, go for the hug, never go on another date.