met girl at party, 5am rolls around, decide its time to go home, ask for her #, tells me she has no phone, figure its over, tease her about it, gives me her email. leave.

3 days later, figure what the hell, email her. get response the same day, lengthy email. explains that she has a bf but that it doesnt mean we cant b friends.  essentially consolation prize.  invites me to a film night at her place on sunday, accept.

go, meet her friends, keep in touch.  going on semi-dates, get to know her, start liking her.  party night comes up, partying together, wind up at club with her and another dude, see her macking him. confused.

find out shes single.  sexual tension thru da roof, told shes down 4 simple fun and that shes leaving the country soon.  unsure cuz i like her too much for that. friends with her friends, dont want to ruin the friendship, see her having fun…

party at the place we met, meets a dude, they leave. months later, tells me its official and that she aint gonna leave the country for a while…