#38 *


With my girl for year, family refuses to accept me or meet me cuz Im 10 years older.  We were supposed to meet the other morning, she has a panic attack followed by a seizure.  Family doesnt let me see her, she recovers, calls me and ends it. Says she doesnt want to be with me, says that shes sick and needs to get better.  Says she cant sneak around and lie anymore, says its a  new year and wants me to be successful but would still marry me.  Hangs up and doesnt return my calls.

Go by her practice session, drop off her stuff and get some closure.  She runs away when she sees me.  Changes her number the same day.

Thought she was perfect, feel betrayed, feel guilty cuz I pushed her to move in, feel mislead cuz everything she said was a lie, thought she had my back, thought she’d choose me over her family.

What happened?  The night before she was sick, she said she loved me, wanted to be with me, saw a future with me.  Its all lies, didnt do anything, never speaks to me again.

No closure,

so callous.