Meet girl thru friends, talk sporadically throughout night, find out she lives next to me.  We flirt a lot, catch her constantly looking at me, night ends, we all walk home, friends leave, just me and her now, get to her door, tell her that she should come over for a beer, she agrees.  crack beers, sit on the balcony, sense some awkwardness so just chill for a minute, continue talking, ask if we can sit inside cuz its too cold, she accepts, we keep talking, keep thinking about making a move but don’t, keep it cool and just chat, its becoming redundant, we keep talking, says that she has to go home but doesnt leave right away, we keep talking,

She says “I gotta  go

I say “You should stay

I don’t make a move, she gets up, still don’t make a move,

Walk her to the door, only “move” is a goodbye hug

She leaves